Improves measurement, monitoring and management

The project applies adaptive learning strategies to foster critical reflection and analysis across all Results. Using complexity aware monitoring (CAM) and collaboration, learning and adapting (CLA) tools and practices, the project: 1) Develops and rigorously test measures of agency and social dynamics across contexts; and 2) Promote adaptive management, including testing and integrating validated sets of SBC monitoring indicators for different domains. We also support utilization of these new approaches through our Hubs and partner networks (e.g., IPPF local member associations) and disseminate them globally via a tool kit of agency-related measures, indicators and MEL approaches. The project will employ innovative methods, including participatory action research, formative qualitative research, cross-national psychometric testing, vignettes, machine learning algorithms, and cultural consonance analysis for measure development, and observational constructs, projective techniques, and visual-based discourse for monitoring.