Agency for All

We are a diverse consortium of global, country, and regional leaders, translating research into culturally-relevant programming to improve the health and well-being of women, girls, and communities by increasing their power to act.

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Through the Lens of Local Perspectives

Local priorities and equitable partnerships drive our work to understand agency in social and behavior change research and programs, advancing cross-sector outcomes.

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Strengthening Evidence on the Role of Agency

Together, our consortium works to share, apply, test, and generate social and behavior change evidence that helps to build agency in diverse contexts.

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The Problem

Here’s the global challenge we see.

Much of the work to improve health and well-being is being done to people rather than with them. What if everyone—including those in the most underserved communities—had the power to make healthier choices for themselves? This is agency—the capacity of a person, or group of people, to create and accomplish the goals they set for themselves, with full autonomy to make decisions about their own health or well-being.


The Possibility

We want to understand agency and why it matters.

Context-specific evidence on agency can inform social and behavior change practice and investments. Better understanding of how individual and collective agency influences health, gender, nutrition, infectious disease, HIV/AIDS, the environment, and other development outcomes lays a foundation for programs that foster individual and community empowerment.


Our Solution

Locally led, equitable partnerships drive this work.

Equitable partnerships are central to our vision of a world in which all women, men, children, families, and communities have the agency to make healthy choices. Consortium partners lead our research agenda, bringing their diverse voices, perspectives, and expertise to understanding and building agency in their communities and in our work.